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FIAT is a holding company with a long, storied history. It is a part of FIAT Chrysler automobiles. It has made a recent re-emergence into the U.S. market with its range of Fiat 500 vehicles, which are quite popular as small city cars.
For example, the Fiat 500 Convertible is one of the cutest looking cars on the Fiat range. It comes either as a pop or lounge trim. The 500 has many models in its line, all of which we offer as car leasing deals. The best auto leasing deals in the state, actually.

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the Range at New Jersey Auto Leasing

The range of Fiat vehicles here at New Jersey Auto Leasing includes the 500 Convertible, 500 Hatchback, 500e Hatchback, 500L Wagon and the 500X SUV. All these vehicles are compact, fuel efficient, and very comfortable indeed. If you are on the market for a smaller vehicle with great value for money, you are in the right place.

Best Customer Service

Our car leasing company offers some of the highest rated customer service in the state. All of our representatives have been extensively vetted. Our customers always leave our online dealership happy with the business conducted. Even if you end up not leasing a car, you will still walk away with a smile on your face. This is because our staff have all been highly trained in the arts of public relations. At our auto leasing agency, you won’t find pushy, arrogant salesmen with a holier-than-thou attitude. Instead, you will find friendly, easy-going people you can make an instant connection with.

Our Services

This extends to our over the phone service. Our representatives will assist you in every aspect of the car leasing process. This includes:
Information about the vehicles – Our staff are all walking directories of all the vehicles we have in stock. This includes every brand and every model. They know all the specifications in case you need to have a talk about the finer points of the vehicles. The best part is that they aren’t biased about a particular brand or model, because we have it all.
Information about the Leasing process – The process of auto leasing can be a little confusing. However, our staff will help you wrap your head around the more complex aspects of it. We will give you every little bit of information about our extensive auto leasing specials. Our representatives will also guide you through the rules of our leasing contracts, the terms, and the flexibility of the entire process at this auto leasing company.
You should call us on 201-942-5151 now to get more information about all this. In addition, our staff are never pushy. This is a deciding factor on many vehicle sales at car leasing companies all over the state. People walk out angry at the pushy salespeople who have no regard for the needs, budget or lifestyle of the customer. This is very bad for business. We, however, care about your feelings. We take a comprehensive look at every aspect of your life as well as your personal needs before selecting some cars that would suit you.
Yes, New Jersey Auto Leasing is the way to go when it comes to amazing service. Call us on 201-942-5151 to experience it for yourself!

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