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Hyundai Leasing in New Jersey

Hyundai is one of the more popular car manufacturers in the current market. The Korean company rose to fame in recent years because of its wide selection. It boasts great quality cars for everyone. The vehicles it produces are both for the average citizen and the car buff with deep pockets. They do have a premium range of vehicles which match Mercedes Benz and other luxury cars. It is an extremely popular option in the U.S for its SUVs and sedans.

Leasing a Hyundai at New Jersey Auto Leasing

Here at New Jersey Auto Leasing, we have a wide range of Hyundai vehicles for you. The line-up ranges from sedans, to SUVs, and even to coupes and hatchbacks. Most of the auto leasing specials we offer include extra trim packages. For example, the Veloster hatchback is not one you would think is a fast car. When you look at it, it looks like a compact family vehicle. However, our car leasing options allow you to get it with a turbo on the engine. This turns it from a lovely little road car into a powerful performance vehicle.
There is a Hyundai car available for lease at our car leasing company whatever your requirements are. This means you could get something like the Santa Fe SUV (which is quite a common choice for our customers) if you need a mid to high range SUV. If you are just itching for more power than that, you can get auto leasing deals for the Santa Fe Sport SUV instead. It offers a lot more power, and is smaller and lighter than the original model. If you are more into the energy saving, environmentally friendly vehicle, we have the auto leasing plan for you. The Sonata Sedan (which we have in stock too) comes in the Hybrid model too, so that you can drive green.

Wide Range of Hyundai Vehicles

The full range of Hyundai vehicles at our car leasing company include the Accent Hatchback, Accent Sedan, Azera Sedan, Elantra Coupe, Elantra GT Hatchback, Elantra Sedan, Equus Sedan, Genesis Coupe, Genesis Sedan, Santa Fe Sport SUV, Santa Fe SUV, Sonata Hybrid Sedan, Sonata Sedan, Tucson SUV and the Veloster Hatchback.
While this may not seem like such a huge line-up compared to what our auto leasing agency offers in BMW vehicles for example, it is actually rather impressive. In fact, we stock only the latest Hyundai models to make it a better, higher class choice range for our customers. You can choose from models as recent as this year. You could also pick an older model, as long as it has not been discontinued. In fact, our auto leasing deals are probably the best in all New Jersey. We have very competitive prices on all our Hyundai vehicles.
Call one of our agents today on 201-942-5151 in order to get the Hyundai you’ve been craving on a very flexible car leasing contract. Our staff is always ready to help you pick the vehicle you need based on your needs and budget. We will do everything we can to bridge the gap between reality and your fantasy car.

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