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Volkswagen Leasing in New Jersey

Volkswagen is a world famous German auto manufacturer. It is currently the biggest manufacturer of cars in the world. It has a number of vehicles in top positions around the world. They are famous for the older models like the Volkswagen Beetle, which skyrocketed to the top of the lists when it was released in the 1980s. This little compact is still one of the most loved vehicles in the world, although it has long been discontinued in favor of newer generations in its line.

Volkswagens at New Jersey Auto Leasing

Here at New Jersey Auto Leasing we offer some of the most comprehensive auto leasing deals and car leasing specials in the state. We stack a wide array of Volkswagen vehicles. This includes the much loved descendant of the original Beetle, the Beetle Convertible (available in petrol and diesel). This trim of the original beetle has had a major facelift. The little car sells for $27,000 brand now, although you can get a much better price at our car leasing agency.
The Beetle Convertible R-Line trim offers a 2.0T turbocharged engine. It is efficient yet very powerful. This is especially because the car isn’t a big as a sedan and is therefore pretty light. Since it is a convertible, the fabric roof further lessens the weight while offering a great ride in style. We offer you a great set of auto leasing deals for all the trims of the Beetle.
You can also find the Passat in many models available over here for low car leasing rates. The Passat is one of the top 10 automobiles of the year, according to multiple sources. The Passat is a mid-range sedan that does great mileage per gallon of fuel, and has a 1.8L Turbocharged engine. It boasts the top-of-the-line German engineering. We care about your safety, so we make sure we get the car manufacturers that have been highly rated in terms of this for your lease cars.

Our Range of Volkswagens

Our full range of Volkswagen vehicles include the Beetle Convertible, Beetle Convertible Diesel, Beetle Diesel, Beetle Hatchback, CC Sedan, CrossBlue SUV, e-Golf Hatchback, Eos Convertible, Golf GTI Hatchback, Golf R Hatchback, Golf SportWagen Alltrack Wagon, Golf SportWagen Diesel, Golf SportWagen Wagon, Golf Diesel, Golf Hatchback, GTI Hatchback, Jetta GLI Sedan, Jetta Hybrid Sedan, Jetta SportWagen Diesel, Jetta SportWagen Wagon, Jetta Diesel, Jetta Hybrid, Jetta Sedan, Passat Diesel, Passat Sedan, Tiguan SUV, Touareg Diesel, Touareg Hybrid and the Touareg SUV.

Choosing a Vehicle with Us

As you can see, our car leasing agency has one of the highest ranges of Volkswagen vehicles in the state. You can begin the process of leasing your favorite one today. Just browse through the wide range of options on our site and select the cars you would be interested in leasing. Then call us on 201-942-5151 to get our professionals to assist you. We can analyze your needs and budget and figure out which is the best option for you. Let us help you by choosing whichever the Volkswagen is that you desire. If it isn’t a Volkswagen that suits you, then our agents will help you to pick a different, more suitable brand.

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