Lease returns in New Jersey

A big problem that is dealt with commonly in New Jersey is lease returning. A lease return is basically returning the vehicle to our company. While this shouldn’t be a big deal, there are a lot of exceptions. For example, some people don’t realize one important point. A leased vehicle is still owned by the car leasing company. The person who leases it is just a temporary owner. Sometimes, this is not understood by the people leasing the vehicle. This can instigate major loss for the auto leasing company. It could also result in legal issues because it is a contract.
Because of issues like this it is important that the terms of a lease are clearly defined. If the terms aren’t set out properly there could be a lot of issues later on. With New Jersey Auto Leasing, however, this shouldn’t be a problem. Our lease contracts are extremely organised. There is no room for error and trouble later in the contract. Because of how smooth our service is, we have a lot of repeat business. Customers continually renew their leases with us.

How do lease returns work in New Jersey Auto Leasing?

Our customers need to be fully informed about everything to do with the auto lease they sign. When you choose to begin a car lease with New Jersey Auto Leasing, you get a call. This is from one of our skilled sales staff. You receive this call as soon as you send all your details in to us. The salesperson who calls you will tell you the details and terms of the lease. You can work with them to customise it as required.
The employee will tell you a few very important details, which you will get in writing too. These specify what will be checked during the return process. They include the limits to which there can be damage on the vehicle. They also specify how far you can drive during the lease period. It will be stressed more than once that going over these limits could result in a big bill.

What Happens If I Go Over The Limits?

We never hold back when informing our customers. New Jersey Auto Leasing will tell you exactly what limits you can go up to. We even give you information on how to maintain your vehicle properly. This can differ based on the type of vehicle you are getting.
Since our rules are so precise and clear, there are rarely instances where something happens that goes over our specified limits. In the instances that this does happen, we try to be fair. However, a compensation fee has to be charged. Failure to do this would result in a loss for our company. However, our customers who have done this usually pay the fee immediately. This is because our fees are very reasonable and we explain everything in detail
Any customers who take the car “through the blender” always know they have done wrong. They usually pay up readily. With all these benefits and our reasonable prices on lease return, you would do well to pick us. Call New Jersey Auto Leasing today at 201-942-5151 and speak to our agents about a lease plan!

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