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Dodge Leasing in New Jersey

Dodge is among the older companies that make cars in the U.S. They are famous for their range of muscle cars, built for performance and endurance. Owning a Dodge is almost a status symbol anywhere in the world. While their range is not the biggest, they constantly stick to their roots. This means they make cars that are uniquely American. Recently, they’ve been focusing on greener ideas, because their vehicles are now quite fuel efficient to boot.
In fact, owning a Dodge is one of the most American things anyone can do, just like buying a Chevrolet or a GMC vehicle (which are also available here at New Jersey Auto Leasing).

Leasing your Dodge with New Jersey Auto Leasing

The most common choice for Dodge vehicles with our customers are the Charger Sedan and the Dart Sedan. Both of these are very common in terms of Dodge vehicles in the U.S. With our amazing auto leasing terms, you could be the proud owner of these two classic lines of Dodge cars in no time. However, we stick to our principle of having anything under the sun.
We also stock a less famous, yet equally awesome line-up of vehicles for the needier car buffs. These include the Durango SUV and the Journey SUV. Yes, Dodge also makes SUVs and they are some of the more powerful options in our range. When you take these SUVs as well as the Grand Caravan Minivan (Dodge has a minivan!), you can have a range for the family as well. 7 seats and an incredibly efficient, powerful engine combined with a gorgeous design make the Durango SUV a popular choice.
However, some people just love those fast cars. There are a number of options from Dodge to consider when it comes to speed and class. These include the SRT Viper Coupe and the Viper Coupe, both of which are lovely auto leasing specials here. The Viper series has made its appearance in multiple video games and movies, such as The Fast and the Furious and Need for Speed. They are renowned for being super cars that don’t cost much, relatively.
Our other car options from Dodge that you can get on a car leasing contract include the Avenger Sedan and the Challenger Coupe. Both of these offer you the chance to ride in a classic style American muscle car. Feel like a badass when you lease and drive one of the Dodge options at New Jersey Auto Leasing.
Call us today on 201-942-5151 to speak to our highly professional staff. We can give you the advice you need to select the Dodge you want. Our staff is highly trained to help you in any way you need. We analyze all your requirements. We then use your projected budget to select a car for you that will make you happy. Got your eye set on a more expensive model? Not to worry. Our comprehensive auto leasing plans and car leasing specials will help you get on your way in a jiffy.
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