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Mini Leasing in New Jersey

Mini was an arm of the British Motor Corporation. It is currently owned by BMW. The Mini Cooper is one of the more famous versions of the Mini car. This is a racing line of the Mini cars. It is not meant to be an expensive vehicle line. Instead, it focuses on small, economical cars that still manage to look insanely cute. As such, they are the choice of many alternative car owners over the country.
Perhaps one of the more sought after Mini cars is the Mini Countryman. This car, launched in 2010, is one of Mini’s first crossover SUVs. It is a five door vehicle, and comes with a BMW N47 2.0L Diesel engine. In keeping with the essence of Mini, the SUV is still compact, and smaller than most other SUVs in its class. Nowadays, Minis are still considered some of the most outside-the-box vehicles you can drive. They are very affordable, and maintenance costs are quite low too.

MINIs in New Jersey – Our Range

Some of the MINI vehicles offered at New Jersey Auto Leasing are the Mini Clubman, Mini Convertible, Mini Countryman, Mini Coupe and the Mini Paceman. All of these have also been released with a sports trim by the John Cooper Works, as the Mini Cooper Clubman, Mini Cooper Convertible, Mini Cooper S Countryman, Mini John Cooper Works Coupe, Mini John Cooper Works Roadster, Mini Paceman Cooper and the Mini Cooper S Roadster.
All of these are available at very attractive prices here at our auto leasing company. In fact, you could call us today on 201-942-5151 and get started leasing the Mini you have always wanted in a flash.

Transferring Your Mini Lease

A lot of auto leasing companies expect you to fulfil the entire duration of your contract. They have no other options for you. If you were required to return the vehicle before the period of lease is over, you would wind up with a massive exit fee at the end. This will turn you off getting a lease car for the rest of your life. By all rights, there should be another option available for you. This should be an option that allows you to exit your lease early without having to pay up. While most other car leasing agencies haven’t even thought of this (because all they want is your hard-earned money), we do!
When you get into an auto leasing contract with us, you will start to realize the full effects of our customer service. See, if you want to exit your lease early and your car leasing deals have been done with our auto leasing agency, you will get that other option. This is called a Lease Transfer. It involves you handing over your car as well as the rest of the time and payments for your lease to a new leaseholder. You will leave the lease without any extra cost, and the new person will not have to pay a down payment on the car. Instead, they just have the responsibility of completing the rest of your payments for the remainder of the lease. If you want to learn more about this process, simply contact us on 201-942-5151!

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